Jssan Drops New Heat -“Okay”

by SpratFool, 01.30.2020

Jssan’s first fascination has always been music. Born and raised in the city of Chicago by Nigerian parents who met in London, Jssan grew up around musical intellectuals. Their boundless passion for music has inspired him, since the young age of four, to become the musician he is today. Jssan emerged to musical success in his local church, taking up multiple instruments, drumming being his strong suit.

 His involvement in his local church has opened up doors to touring and traveling opportunities, capitalizing on his musical versatility. He has since taken up the talent of playing, teaching, and making musical pieces throughout his lifetime. His upbringing and love for sound have helped him develop an ear for musical potential, as well as the aspiration for musical success as an artist. JSSAN’S First track has reached 140k+ streams on Spotify and is still growing. During the upscale rise in musical streams and supporters, Jssan has caught the attention of numerous Chicago radio stations and many of its audience members, such as local schools in the area. At the moment, he is working on artist development and is working on refining and cultivating his current musical projects. Jssan’s emergence from artist developmentary is sure to encompass musical ingenuity and bring a new, smooth, and refreshing sound to the world of music.

Stream his new single here:

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