TM4L Is A Talented Florida Rap Group Looking To Create A Better Way Of Life (Interview)

by SpratFool, 11.22.2019

Hailing from Tarpon Springs, Florida, the young and talented rap group by the name of TM4L is set out to make not only a bigger name for themselves but a better way of life. Florida is a birth place for many rap stars in todays scene and TM4L shows promise with their latest release “No Cap” which is receiving more ears than ever. With a few members of the group recently getting released and acquitted, we took some time to sit down with the young group and allow them to give us all a glimpse into their life.

What does TM4L stand for?

Touchmoney for life 

How many members are in TM4L?

4 people in the group TM4L Og, TM4L red, TM4L Jovo and our brother Los who passed away a few years ago. But we always Include Him In everything we do because we know he still with us and watching over us R.I.P Los 

Can you shed light on your current situation that you all were acquitted and released for?

We rather not talk to much about that, we just all Glad were free and can get back to this Music shit 100!

How old are all the members of the group?

Og 23, Los would”ve been 23 also, Jovo 24 , Red 25 

2-3 must listen to songs from the group or individual?

Money Make a Movie, Homicide from Og and Glizzy another song from the group but shit would could go on in on lol but just stay tune because we got a lot of fye in the Cut for everybody

What was it like growing up in Tarpon Springs? What side of Florida is that for those that don’t know?

A small town in Pinellas County 727 s**t but like 30-40 Minutes from Tampa. And it was a lot of  hate, jealousy, envy  because we the clicc full of young n****s with a real bag had a lot of chicks and really stepping when needed to 

Did you grow up around a lot of these other rappers that are popular in Florida? Are they “Cappin”?

Naw we ain’t grow up with nun of em so we really couldn’t say if they cappin or not but it get real in Florida

Make sure to follow the group on IG @OfficialTouchMoney – Check out their new single “No Cap” below

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