by SpratFool, 10.07.2019

Hailing from North Carolina, KDTHESINGER will released his heavily anticipated debut album “Love Pains.” 

It achieved #2 on Amazon music and he was the only independent artist in the top five for R&B artists in lists throughout the industry. It’s safe to say the North Carolina singer has arrived!

Love Pains,” is a cinematic LP that showcases KDTHESINGER’s viewpoint on love, social issues in the world, philanthropy, and other hot topics that the 20-year-old experiences. As a muse for connecting Generation Z to all audiences and portraying the generation is positive light,  KDTHESINGER curated this project with extra purpose and passion. 

“People look at Generation Z as ‘green’ like we haven’t gone through the same issues, if not more than what the previous generations have gone through,” KDTHESINGER said during a recording session for the album. 

He continued with “My generation (Z) is more than just ‘spoiled brats’ with more opportunities than previous generations, we are creative genius trying to build on the impact our elders have had to bring positive change to the world. I want ‘Love Pains’ to shed light on our issues and help connect us with previous generations unify the world.”

Known for hit single “Letter To Her,” his significant presence on social media with millions of followers across all platforms  and over three million subscribers on Youtube; fans around the world are in heavy anticipation for the Carolina Trap Crooner to drop “Love Pains.”

Love Pains” is more than just an album according to him, “this project will show my ability to create  an immersive, dynamic, cohesive, and innovative album in which an any of good music will want to listen to.”

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