Ms. Amarachi – “I’m A Ten” (Video)

by SpratFool, 10.01.2019

DMV emcee Ms. Amarachi has made a anthem dedicated to the women who love themselves. Growing up gaining confidence in womanhood, he latest track “I’m A Ten” embodies women loving themselves! With precise lyrics, a cheerful tone, and a bit of her womanly bliss, Ms. Amarachi delivers.

“I have and will always be someone who speaks and promotes women’s empowerment. I wrote this song while I was an undergrad. At the time not only did I not feel strong, beautiful, and powerful, but I saw that the women around me were also feeling low,” she said.

She continues with, “This song helped me see the beauty inside myself and other women. I wrote this song to serve as a constant reminder to women that they are beautiful and they don’t need anyone, especially a man, to validate their worth.”

To feel the fire she feels, view the video below:

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