Saint Lane – “Compliment My Shirt” (Video)

by rapreup, 04.05.2019

From the streets of Auckland to across the ditch to Australia, Saint Lane makes his way onto the RapReup pages with visuals for his new single “Compliment My Shirt”.

Raised in and out of cheap motels and homelessness, Saint Lane’s upbringings would begin his manifestation of his own reality. Assessing the works of Kanye West, Donald Glover, Basquiat, Christopher Nolan and other renaissance figures, as a teenager Lane used art to drift his consciousness away from his troubled surroundings, constructing his own interpretations of these innovators – becoming the blueprint for his own originality.

“Compliment My Shirt” came around the time I was at university and was really struggling for money. After handing out my resumè to every place I could and not getting any job offers. I ended up getting involved in some pretty heavy and dangerous situations, but through it all I still remained true to myself, a nice guy, a good guy. Even if I was buying drugs from a dealer in a pink floral shirt and a jumpsuit

Watch the video for “Compliment My Shirt” above and be sure to follow Saint Lane on SoundCloud to stay up on all future releases.

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