Jerah Niks Delivers His New Project ‘But At What Cost?’

by Jon, 11.18.2018

Jerah Niks is a rapper/singer/songwriter/producer from Oxnard, CA. In 2016 he released 5 EPs (Son of the Night, Midnight in Atlantis, First Dates & Heartbreak 1-3) which boasts over 1000+ free downloads to this day. He has just released his new project But At What Cost on multiple streaming platforms.


Niks shares with us, “Following the release of my first project “Suburbia” I already had an idea of what I wanted my next project to be like I just needed time, and the resources to craft it into what my mind pictured. I wanted to make a direct sequel, I thought of Suburbia as a film; an origin story in a sense. It has all the right elements to be a great project but was bland enough to make you want more from me as an artist, it wasn’t created to be a one and done type of project, it was created with the intent of being expanded on.”


Check out But At What Cost? below.

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