Gritty Rapper, Yavid, Releases His Debut EP, ‘Black Teeth Devil, Vol.1’

by Jon, 08.19.2018

Flint, Michigan rapper, Yavid, has released his debut EP on Friday the 13th, titled Black Teeth Devil, Vol. 1. This is only the first EP in a series of EP’s to come this year. Before the release of Black Teeth Devil Vol.1, Yavid released multiple singles. Coming from the violent and turbulent streets of Flint, Michigan, Yavid uses every bar he spits to tell the real-life stories of violence and despair that he has seen or lived through on the streets of Flint’s 2nd Ward. Yavid, who also fronts the highly controversial project KING 810, has already amassed a wild following.

Check out his new EP below.

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