Barcenilla Ft Elektrolytes – Uno

by Barry Quigley, 07.27.2018

Barcenilla’s new single “UNO” brings a variety of genres to the mix such as Pop, R&B, Dancehall and EDM. The Kontrabandz hit now receives an explosive official video to back it.

Born November 12, 1992 in Manila, Philippines and now residing in Arizona since 1999. Gabriel Jedzimir Lee Barcenilla is a Filipino Pop/R&B/ and Hip-Hop artist. He is also the son of former Filipino Olympic Chess Players Rogelio Padla Barcenilla Jr. and Lilibeth Lee Barcenilla. At a young age with support from his parents, his parents bought him his first condenser mic so he can pursue his career in music. With two albums out already G.B. and also Scorpio his recent release of UNO brings back his Pop and R&B vocals which also shows electrifying dance moves and uptempo music.

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