Shelly Knicks – Fresh Squeezed

by Barry Quigley, 07.16.2018

“Fresh Squeezed” is Shelly Knicks’ latest single and it carries huge party vibes. The Trent Owens shot videos displays Shelly and a few of his guys throwing water balloons, drinking spiked lemonade and flexing to the song of the summer.

Shelly Knicks is an artist based in Austin, TX. Born in Milwaukee, WI, he took his talents to Central Texas and things have only gone up from there. In 2017, he made waves by dropping his second project, “Swim Camp”. Since then he has dropped many videos such as, “Titty”, “Windows 95” and “NXT 2 U”. Shelly exclusively works with a few producers in his area like WavyBandz, myfriendalex, dubbisdope, and Slim Gravy. His latest single is called “Fresh Squeezed”, produced by WavyBandz.

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