gregNWMN – Forecast

by Barry Quigley, 07.15.2018

At the top of what’s looking to be a hot Summer, Riverside, California based recording artist gregNWMN has just dropped his long awaited visual, “Forecast”, the stand-out record originally released late 2017

Coupled with elements of rapidity, visual effects, & bold delivery, the “Forecast” music video takes multiple ques from the direction of the record itself. 10 seconds into the video you find yourself thrown into a combination of fluidity & chaos, which only continues to build as the production & delivery drive the point home.

Elements within Nature & the essence of being Outside remain the focal point of the visual. Commanding the thunderstorm behind him, it seems as though Nature is following gregNWMN, although the acronym “Now We Mirror Nature” is a nod to the last 4 letters of gregNWMN’s name.

“After brainstorming a few days with Mar (Videographer), we came to terms that we needed to go out & shoot something with multiple one-takes. We shot the majority in the Coachella Valley. I graduated High School out there & learned a lot about myself in those 5 years, so that location with the mountainous backdrop was choice. The process was straight forward, which I think makes for a great experience for the viewer. I’m happy with it. It’s time to work towards the next step now…”

Overall this video is filled with adrenaline, lyricism, & power. Check the “Forecast”.

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