FLEXX – Spilt Liquor

by Barry Quigley, 05.05.2018

A night in the studio hanging out with fellow music lovers and laying down beats usually results in a great song. In the case of Miami rapper Flexx, it was so inspirational that it led to the creation of his new single “Spilt Liquor.” Flexx wrote the song after such a night, listening to rap legends Tupac and Biggie and finding inspiration at the bottom of a bottle of Hennessy. “Spilt Liquor” is a tribute to the creative process that makes rap the enduring art form that it is.

Produced by Dvtchie, “Spilt Liquor” will be released on April 20th on all major music platforms including iTunes and Soundcloud, the music video will be available on Flexx’s YouTube Channel. If after listening to “Spilt Liquor” you’re hooked on Flexx, you’re in luck, he has a full slate of singles to be released this year. Next up is “Rih Rih KeKe,” release date to be announced in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned.


Flexx is a rap artist from Miami, FL. Known for his eye for fashion, killer smile and laugh, Flexx has paid his dues and risen through the ranks of the industry. He’s learned the music business from the bottom up, starting his career as an intern for music producers and as a producer’s assistant where he worked with noted producers and directors like Claudia Rivas, Judd Allison, Gil Green, Antwan Smith, Ray Kay, and Chris Robinson. In these roles, Flexx developed his understanding of the music business, his signature work ethic and openness to opportunity. In 2015, armed with his experience working with artists like P. Diddy & Dirty Money and brands like Nike and Lexus, Flexx launched his own career writing songs and making music videos. Flexx has many new solo releases planned for 2018 and is looking forward to thrilling his fan base with new music and live performances Follow Flexx on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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