by Jon, 01.08.2018

“What happened to us?” That is a question YB asks listeners in his latest single, “Love Cost.” The talented lyricist targets the division of our society in his new track. After the success of previous single, “Rearview Mirror,” he enters 2018 with intentions of keeping the momentum rolling.

“Mass shootings, when we get so ruthless? The little ones watching but we more concerned with the movement. We more concerned with the judging. We more concerned with the colors. We more concerned about being concerned that we ain’t concerned about nothing.” YB has a critical analysis of people in the world today. His opening verse is a fervent display of frustration. He continues his verbal onslaught with rhymes about self-indulgence and arrogance. “Too many I, am, me, not enough us and we. Divisions in the air, I can’t breathe.” The lyrics keep the listener engaged as the track digs deeper into its theme.

Listen now.

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