Darrell Simms – “Elements”

by Barry Quigley, 01.03.2018

Recording artist Darrell Simms is ringing out the New Year in true music fashion with the debut of his sophomore album, “Wilcox Ave”. With 6 tracks, Darrell’s delivers an unapologetic style that evolved from poetry and eclectic musical influences. Relentless flow and smart lyrics combine with energetic beats to form a standout listening experience.

“Wilcox Ave” is an EP following up the main single “Elements”. The music video was expertly directed by Ralph Lucchese & Bj Jensen. Iconic LA locations are the backdrop for the video. Dynamic camera work moves with the beats in the track, creating a forward and building momentum. Bursting with energy and excitement, “Elements” and Darrell are happy to have viewers along for the ride.

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