Akash – “Text Me”

by Barry Quigley, 12.21.2017

New Jersey native and indie hip-hop artist Akash recently debuted his new album. An upbeat mix of modern hip-hop fueled with elements of pop, “Rooftop Vibes” creates a bold statement of enjoying life to the fullest and also enjoying the view from up top.

Written by Akash, the 10-track album is not the young lyricist’s first crack at winning the fans over with his flashy style. Two of his most popular songs to date, “2 Chicks” and “One Time” helped the rapper garner a fanfare that continues to grow. Influenced by artists such as Eminem, Drake, Kanye West, 50 Cent and Travis Scott; Akash’s music reflects his journey as he comes into his own as a songwriter and artist.

Just recently, he presented his latest visual effort. This time, he illustrates the DNS-produced, “Text Me”. In the video, also directed by DNS, we find Akash coming to the rescue of a woman involved in a bad relationship. Seeking to get out, Akash has no problem literally pulling up to her house to take her out on an extravagant night. It’s a night everyone, including her boyfriend, won’t forget. Enjoy the full video via YouTube.

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