Shifty Eyes Feels Just Like A Wild “Beast” On New Song

by Barry Quigley, 09.28.2017

Enter into the animalistic mindset of Canadian artist Shifty Eyes as he unleashes the Millz-produced “Beast” from his upcoming album –

Shifty Eyes is a Hip Hop artist from Alberta, Canada. His struggles with finding his identity and recovery from drug abuse as a teen helped propel him towards music. He started by performing at shows in his hometown, which eventually led to tours across Canada and the US. A dynamic live performer who engages with his audience through contagious energy, he lit up the stage at SXSW in 2017. Mentorship and production from the Grand Hustle Gang has allowed Shifty Eyes to discover his true musical style. For more information on upcoming performances and new releases, follow Shifty Eyes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or go to

His latest tune, “Beast”, is the culmination of his evolution and an unmistakable announcement that Shifty Eyes has arrived. His relentless flow fueled by a combination of choppy lyrical deliver and anecdotes, “Beast” is a high-energy, go hard or go home type of track with rock solid beats and heavy basslines. Check out the single below and stay tuned for his forthcoming project.

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