TRPL BLK & DJ Prince – ‘National Debt’ LP

by Jon, 08.06.2017
Gritty in its delivery, and sometimes lo-fi in its production, “National Debt” finds Detroit-native rapper-songwriter TRPL BLK and Long Island’s DJ Prince, who also raps on the project, on a financial escapade. From the start, informative and insightful skits affix the convictions of their album like they did in the nineties.
In a time where trap regulates urban sound waves and global pop culture, TRPL BLK and DJ Prince have chosen to use their creativity to coach, in the same way, Jay-Z’s “4:44” does. The differences lie within the creation. In verity, TRPL BLK and DJ Prince come from families who are financially astute. However, they are in the trenches, with groups of people, they want to educate. Listen to the album below.

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