Yury – “Grooves”

by Jon, 07.20.2017

After an in-depth interview with Respect Magazine and releasing his dark “Quote This” single, Yury remains unpredictable on his genre blending new single, “Grooves.”

“I made the beat first and just felt like singing on it. It had a really catchy vibe so I rolled with it. ‘I do it all..’ I rap in the chorus, not so much to brag, but to remind people I a make the entire song myself from scratch. Everything you hear on the track, I created.. and it’s a great feeling,” Yury explains.

With “Grooves,” Yury revels in his honesty, while hoping to motivate others on the airy, self-produced jam. Listen to “Grooves” below and visit to stay up-to-date on his latest releases. If you like what you hear, check out Yury‘s previous release, “Quote This.”

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