Maine The $aint – “Electric”

by Jon, 07.20.2017

From the moment you hear MAINE THE $AINT, it becomes evident that this is an artist who doesn’t shy away from putting his innermost thoughts and ideologies into his music. This MC has the ability to craft songs that are just as visually stimulating as they are sonically. Without question, this is a strength that gives his material the weight needed to stand the test of time and capture the emotions of those who can relate to the stories he presents. As a member of FREENATION (music collective consisting of Mick Jenkins, jStock, Prop, and Burman), he hopes to take his music to new heights with his forthcoming Humble Beginnings project. Today, we have the first tease of the project with his single, “Electric.”

“This was the last song I recorded for the project. I was sitting on a pack of beats that my long time producer Jake Jesus sent me and I really had no thought of using it. I played the beat for Prop (founder of FREENATION) and we went straight to the studio and recorded it. We wanted it to be a reflection of films like “BELLY” and “PAID IN FULL”, where you had these characters that were trying to do the right things through the wrong means,” Maine shares with us.

Stream the Jake J-produced track below, and stay tuned for Humble Beginnings, as well as a collaborative album from the FREENATION camp.

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