Roman Marciano – “4 Laws”

by Jon, 06.13.2017

Roman Marciano is on a money mission on his latest Blasian Beats produced cut, “4 Laws”.

Quote From Roman Marciano:

I wanted to make a song that represents where I’m at in life with a dope summer vibe to it and “4 Laws” is just that to the average listener the song sounds like any other song on the radio but it’s deeper than that. The hook emphasizes four things:Money.Power.Balling. Whipping.

Money to me is genuinely being financially secure, not live paycheck to paycheck and not have to overdraw your account just to have money for the week. Power in my opinion is another form of control and I feel where I am right now I have a lot of influence within my environment that gives me that feeling of making positive things happen. Balling is simple: just being able to buy what you want when you want. And last is whipping, to me that’s freedom. It doesn’t have to be a luxury car you driving but at least your driving. That’s your car you own it and that’s a feeling we sometimes forget to appreciate.

– Roman Marciano

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