Bozack Morris x Heem Stogied – Loss Prevention (EP)

by Jon, 06.07.2017
Heem Stogied and Bozack Morris teamed up for the Loss Prevention EP and they came correct with a relentless barrage of production and lyrics, equal in their aggression. “Rose Gold” is a clear stand out where the lyricist tries to distance himself from other southern rappers, “I rap like the north but a n***** from the south.” Bozack perfectly composes space for Heem to excel in his flow. The kick drum beat on “Paranoia Freestyle” allows to spit for over three minutes without a hook, while keeping the listeners ear.  On a more introspective cut, “Even Thugz Cry,” Heem struggles with the cyclical problems that come with life on the streets and it serves as a welcomed reprieve from some of the harder tracks.  
With an eclectic range of instrumentals and rapid fire bars, Loss Prevention easily becomes a must-listen for any hip-hop fan.

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