Chicago’s Chief BL Shares “Legend” Music Video

by Jon, 03.26.2017

Chief BL returns with a bold, new music video titled “Legend.”

Hoping to make a strong impression with this release, Chief BL intends on becoming a household name like some of the greats from the Mid-West. Coming from humble beginnings in a single parent home, to street life, to almost losing his life on numerous occasions to gun violence, Chief BL has proven to be a warrior. Now taking the experiences of emotional and mental pain and channeling into a positive out let his music, BL is working to make sure his story his heard.

With his indie entertainment company, Slime Gang, and Ran Nation family, BL has established a strong foundation to date, and is gearing up to flood the streets with music.

In “Legend,” we get a glimpse of Chief BL’s day-to-day, as he pulls out the Slingshot and rides through his city. Watch the Alexander King-directed visual below!

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