Paco the G Train Bandit – Wake Up Every Morning

by Barry Quigley, 03.23.2017

As you hit the alarm button to start the day, Paco the G Train Bandit gives fans a peek into his life with “Wake Up Every Morning”. With upbeat production from Theo X, Bandit experiments with a couple different flows and a hook that you can remember after the first time around. He is a rebel and wants everyone to know it because that’s what Hip Hop is about.

Paco the G Train Bandit is a Brooklyn/Queens based emcee. His music has been featured nationally on radio stations and blogs, most notably on Shade45 (Sirius XM),, SOHH, Verbicide,, 7th Boro and Kevin Nottingham. Known especially for his lyrical flows, energetic live performances and deeply honest lyrics, his music bridges the gap between Top 40 radio listeners and Hip Hop purists. Similar artists include Logic and Chance the Rapper.

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